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March 29th :

Louise Vanhille missed the European Championships due to a big elbow injury. She injured, 15 days ago during a training on the uneven bars. Louise had to be operated urgently and will be out until early May.

March 15th : 

First selection test for the European Championships


  1.  Loan His 55.10
  2. Juliette Bossu 52.25
  3. Fiona Oke 50.00
  4. Océane Pausé ans Soyfa Cazalis 49.05
  5. Camille Bahl 48.90
  6. Amara Cippolina 48,80
  7. Valentine Maire 48,60
  8. Clara Beugnon 47.15
  9.  Lucie Perdreau 46.05 
  10. Leanne Bourgeois 45,40
  11. Louise Pilla 39.00
  12. Coline Devillard 33,15


  1. Marine Brevet 54,65
  2. Valentine Pikul 52,9
  3. Valentine Sabatou 52,35
  4. Claire Martin 51,6
  5. Manon Cormoreche and Youna Dufournet 49,50

Videos here https://www.youtube.com/user/liebetomth/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=1

March 15th :


1. France 238.659
2. Belgium 233.893

1. Robin Caillaud (FRA) 79.065
2. Bryan Tarrade (FRA) 78.698
3. Baptiste Miette (FRA) 77.964

March 13th :

French Federation sends 3 MAG gymnasts at Cottbus

Good luck guys :)

March 5th :

Very bad news. The Junior gymnast Grâce Charpy, a lead of the french Team fractured forearm in training last week. She was operated on earlier this week.

Unfortunately, she will be out for the European Junior Championships to be held middle of May in Bulgaria.

Get Well Soon Grâce ♥

28th February 2014

On the road to European Championships

MAG Gymnast were in national camp this week at INSEP in Paris.Test took place yesterday, it was open to the public.

Gymnasts invited at national camp :

Absent due to injury : Samir Ait Said (1989) - Jim Zona (1992)


During a gala event it there’s 2 months, Valentine Sabatou presented her new floor with new music and a new highly original choreography. She has simplified her skills, she works some others skills.

Because love has no gender and that we are all equal.

Thomas Bouhail and Benoit Caranobe, with the panel on which is inscribed the values ​​of France “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”

There there’s written too : “In sport as in life, no inequality for a better humanity”

This is a message for opponents who manifest because Gay marriage is now legal in France

MAG : Road to European Championships

Great montage